Monday, 21 January 2013

Issue One Launch

 C21 Literature will launch in print on 28.01.13. 

For contributors and subscribers, the first issue is already online and available through the website. 

The process of creating, commissioning and seeing an internationally peer reviewed journal through to publication has been a pleasurable experience, but also a huge learning curve for the team. We are very happy with the first issue and look forward to innovating and developing the journal in response to your future thoughts and needs.

A keyword in our field is diversity and we hope the first issue of C21 Literature captures this spirit through a range of creative and critical works. As Jago Morrison famously argued, C21 literatures are ‘anything but homogeneous. On the contrary, they are interesting precisely for their ability to locate themselves in the interstices – the spaces between national cultures, genders and histories’ (Morrison 2003: 7).  

The authors under examination in C21 Literature talk back, they can be emailed, googled or tweeted, give opinions, change their minds and comment frequently about literary criticism of their works. The field of C21 Literature is exciting not in spite of, but precisely due to this dynamic inter-activity. This journal is firmly situated in and seeks to reflect, inform and represent a field that is still in formation as part of that process of becoming. 

No single issue can offer an exhaustive or definitive survey of this ever-expanding field. Instead, our first issue offers a smorgasbord-style selection, exploring a selected range of themes, concepts and theories based on writing published since the new millennium.

We hope you enjoy Issue One and look forward to receiving your feedback.

Dr Katy Shaw and the C21 Literature Team

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